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321 – The Story of God, the World and You

It's finally here - 321, the Story of God, the World and You.

I've been mulling this over for a while.  It seems to me our presentations of the gospel are generally quite anaemic and, at times, outright Unitarian (not to mention Pelagian).

Recently I outlined the dangers of gospelling without Trinity.  Then I considered the problem of side-lining our bondage in Adam.  Then I explored the necessity of proclaiming union with Christ.

It's easy to pick holes with other presentations.  Here's my attempt to do something positive.  This is trying to be doctrinally faithful, pedagogically memorable and simple without being simplistic.

I'll grant that it's considerably more involved than many presentations.  But perhaps it's best to think of it as catechism for believers.   I hope it will bring Christians back to these central doctrines and inform our gospelling of others.

The outline is essentially this:

3  God is three Persons united in love

2  The story of the world is the story of two men

1  You are one with Adam.  Will you be one with Jesus?

Here's the video, animated by the excellent Jeremy Poyner

In future, I will unpack how 3, 2 and 1 do not diminish but are vital foundations for the planks of more traditional tracts - i.e. Creation, Fall, Cross, Repentance.

But for now, please go to the new website - 321.  Show the video on Facebook and Twitter.  And stay tuned for more videos, articles, tracts and a very affordable book  - all in the pipeline.

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15 thoughts on “321 – The Story of God, the World and You

  1. Ken

    Glen, I love it, but there seems to be a problem on website
    it will not play for me anyway. Thanks for putting it together and I do plan on
    sharing it.

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  3. John B

    Congratulations on the launching of this great new site, which speaks the wonderful gospel truths so winsomely! Thank you for making this fine new resource available to all.

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  6. James Krieg


    So it took an Aussie to get it right... ;-)

    I really like your presentation, as I too have been wrestling with the same issues of how to present (and train others to present) the Gospel from a trinitarian framework. I have developed my own materials and a tract/booklet, but would also love to use your video and any other future resources you may develop in my evangelism training, if you're OK with that...

    AFES staffworker
    Adelaide, SA

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  8. Joni

    Beautiful video. Thank you so much for making it, and I can't wait to share it! I also have a problem with the site, though - I just get an error message that the server is taking too long to respond. I saw your response to a previous commenter, though, and the revivalmedia site did work. Hope you can figure out how to get that fixed! Thanks again!

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  10. Glen

    Thanks Joni. Yes we're having teething problems there and hope to have it all ironed out soon. The video got out before the website was ready so we've been playing catch up a bit. We'll get there!

    Glory to Jesus!

  11. Mary Lou

    321 – The Story of God, the World and You « Christ the Truth
    Thanks for a beautiful presentation of the GOSPEL...Vewy well done.
    Keep on keeping on...never never give up. We are sinners, and all people need The Lord. I pray for your strength in Christ so will be faithful to the end.

  12. Mary Lou

    Thanks also for your courtesy to Wretched TV I watch Todd Friel every day. He tells it like it is...I don't hear it in this culture to know we are sinners. Everyone just wants to hear what their iching ears want to hear. But God IS..and i am not He ....

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