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Yet Further Twit-Bits

Adam cannot repent. Adam can only perish.

True repentance must be done to us (as faith is done to us) since the greatest sin is to imagine that we can 'do penance.'

There cannot be impenitent faith (if it's true faith) or unbelieving repentance (if it's true repentance).

Repentance and faith are not 2 separate stages of salvation. They are 2 sides of the same coin. But note - this is a coin God gives to us!

We do not offer repentance to God as our part of the bargain. We're summoned to repentance in the gospel because this is the life of faith.

Little children come 2 Jesus in all their weakness. The rich young ruler walks away from Jesus with all his strength. (Matt 19:13-30)

<< To the weak, heaven's gate's as wide as Jesus' arms. To the strong, it's like getting a camel through the eye of a needle.

All anger is righteous anger. It's just that 95% is *self*-righteous.

Preachers: don't *aim* for relevance, reason & response. The gospel *produces* those things.

The god Richard Dawkins discusses certainly doesn't exist. #EnjoyYourDay

Orthodox Church leader: "Pussy Riot have slapped the church in the face." If only Jesus told us how 2 handle such face-slaps...

Doug Adams said u can enjoy a garden w/o believing in fairies at the bottom. Christians don't believe in fairies, we believe in a Gardener>>

<<Irony is, when u stop believing in a Gardener, it's only so long before you fear the garden is haunted by powers darker than fairies

Faith does not mean cultivating spiritual fullness but confessing spiritual emptiness. Continually.

I now have more (Twitter) followers than (Facebook) friends. If you notice a more despotic social media tone, that'll be why. Dismissed

What's this obsession with 'accountability'? Let's have deep fellowship which includes confession & *forgiveness*. But 'accountability'??

The Christian life is not sin management.

Father, Son & Spirit means Fullness, Poured-out & Poured-in. This Fullness is Poured-out for you and Poured-in to you. #EnjoyYourDay

You have nothing to bring God but weakness & failure. But this is more than acceptable through Jesus our Saviour. #EnjoyYourDay

If we define our problems so that we're the solution, we don't know how deep is our sin, guilt and helplessness.

The purpose of the law is to bring us to the point of saying "With man this is impossible, but not with God." (Matt 19)

"Most young Christians don't follow historic Christianity, but a "moralistic, therapeutic deism." (Christian Smith) >>

<< And therapists argue with moralists, all the while our deism takes us to hell.

All that harms & perverts comes from a defeated enemy. Your victorious Friend brings fullness & life- even through this harm. #EnjoyYourDay

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