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Happy Friday

When I was 12 I used to write letters to my older self.  They were mainly pleas not to be embarrassed by my 12 year old immaturity.  (You know you're insecure when you're worried about your own opinion of you).

This is brilliantly done...


And here's some more Clarke and Dawe fun.  At one point they refer to the story of triple gold winning Australian swimmer Leisel Jones, accused by the media of being out of shape.  And obviously it was recorded before the recent British triumphs!

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Si Hollett

    Like it how France are a 'non-swimming country'. What are they doing at the swimming? Beating the Australians to the tune of 4 gold medals v 1 gold medal (OK, the French only have 7 medals in the pool, compared to Australia's 8) that's what they are doing.

    Not that I'm happy with the French winning lots - just seen them beat us at Basketball in Overtime by 0.1 seconds (we got the last ditch 3-pointer, but the shot happened just after the buzzer).

    Oh, and while we're on medals - where are the Aussies? Oh, 18th, two golds behind the Kiwis and 7 behind the Poms! I thought the Aussies could swim, row and cycle? There's not that many events to show that ;)

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