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Nehemiah 10 sermon

...We don’t finish this service boldly resolving to keep God’s law.  We don’t finish by binding ourselves to the commandments and putting ourselves under curses.  No, we finish our service by acknowledging that we’re needy, weak beggars, desperate for the Bread of life.  And as we come forwards, Mark’s not going to press a To Do list into our hands.  He’s not going to give us a lecture or a pep-talk.  He’s going to give us Bread and Wine.  Because the Christian life is not about our commitment to Jesus, it’s about His commitment to us.

And how zealously Christ is committed to us.  He was torn apart like Bread for us.  He was poured out like wine for us.  He took on Himself ALL the curses that were ours.  And He bestows on us ALL the blessings that are His.  He’s given to us freely and completely, to be ours forever.

So as we go from here this morning, it’s not with resolutions to try harder.  If we leave church with resolutions we’ve failed already.  We leave with Christ Himself – Christ given to us, apart from our performance, apart from our commitment, apart from our resolutions.  He’s ours.  And we are His...

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