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Children’s Song: My God is My Refuge

A three-part round based on Psalm 18.
Two-parters are for binitarians.


If you listen with headphones you'll be able to pick out the parts more distinctly.


My God is my Refuge and He is my Rock,
My Stronghold My Shield and My Saviour,
I call on His name and He fights all my foes,
He lifts me up out of all danger

You stoop down to make me great.
You brought me out to a spacious place.

You save your King from His enemies,
We sing to Him for His victories.

Chords: G C D


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3 thoughts on “Children’s Song: My God is My Refuge

  1. Tim Coomar

    Awesome work Glen. This has now already been translated and sung at the kids' camp in Greece I am helping out with this summer! Here are the words (not quite koine but you can muddle through some of it I'm sure):

    Ο Κύριος είναι κρυψώνα για με
    Αιώνιος βράχος, Σωτήρας.
    Αυτόν εμπιστεύτηκα με την ζωή
    Κι Αυτός μ' έχει σώσει για πάντα.

    Με γλιτώνεις απ' τον εχθρό
    Ανοίγεις δρόμους να περπατώ

    Χαρίζεις νίκη στον βασιλιά
    Σ' Αυτόν θα ψάλλουμε με χαρά

  2. Glen

    Good one! I knew there was a reason I posted that on Fri/Sat (when no-one reads the blog) Well done. Were the kids able to get the three parts going together?

  3. Tim Coomar

    Today we're only singing it all through without doing it as a round. Tomorrow we will start singing it as a round. I'll let you know how it goes :)

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