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What do you get out of the sermon?

When Samuel Rutherford preached in Wales, a woman kept returning to hear him despite the fact she couldn't understand English.  A friend asked her why she came.  She replied that there was one word she could understand from the preacher: Christ.  And Rutherford's sermons were so full of Christ, it did her good just to hear His name spoken.  (From this magnificent talk on Christ in Isaiah by Don Fortner)

How will you listen to the preaching tomorrow?

Even if you understand nothing else, listen for Christ.
Even if you disagree with everything else, listen for Christ.

He wants to feed you even if it comes through men of strange tongues!

And if you are preaching - you know what to give them!

2 thoughts on “What do you get out of the sermon?

  1. theoldadam


    Since I can understand English (my pastor's native tongue)...I will be listening for God's expose me...and drive me to Christ. And I will listen for the absolution. My sins are forgiven for Jesus' sake.

    And then God's Word will not just be about Jesus...but that Word of law and gospel will actually be DONE TO ME.

    Thanks, Glen!

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