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The Glory of Music


Notice a couple of things:

  • If music has some kind of deep resonance, maybe there really are "good vibrations" at the heart of reality
  • Put it another way, an evolutionary account of music and human personality has a very hard time accounting for a primal connection with something as complex as music.
  • Music is a deep magic!  A profound harmony.
  • This man didn't choose to listen. He seemed indifferent when the headphones were first offered.
  • It's the music itself that swept him up into enjoyment of the music.
  • Music "restores us to ourselves"!
  • Music is like "the holy" it comes from outside us to tell us who we are.

3 thoughts on “The Glory of Music

  1. theologymnast

    James Jordan called the theology of music 'the doctrine of the Holy Spirit' last Wednesday.

  2. Glen

    Nice! It is very much like the third movement of the Aaronic blessing- turning the LORD's Face towards us to give us peace.

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