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You'll have noticed my blogging output aint what it was.

Part of the reason is my recent discovery (which you all made years ago): most of my blog posts are nothing more than tweets inflated by a hefty dose of soap-box rhetoric.

So, for those not subscribed, here are some rants limited to 140 characters...

- What's the first thing Lazarus saw after rising from the dead? The tear-stained face of Jesus.

- Just seen Apprentice 1: Starting out calling your team "Phoenix" is a particularly supralapsarian move.

- I'm always hearing "Such and such a place is spot on theologically, they're just quite unloving." Nonsense. They Must be wrong theologically

- If u just preach hell as future threat u concede that hell aint essentially Christlessness & it aint that bad. #hellisnow #john318#rom118

- Christ's work does not 'make possible' a relationship with God. If that were true all our work would be ahead of us...

- ...Christ's work renders all our work as filthy rags - including the work of 'having a relationship with God.'...

- ...Christ IS my relationship with God...

- ...Which is why atonement debates over "Penal Sub" vs "Christus Victor" are inadequate. Deeper still is Christ's *ontological* achievement

- ... Or to put it another way: Christ aint just my slaughtered goat, nor just my scapegoat. He's my high Priest. And He's sat down!

- I want to write a book on Luther, from "Bondage of the Will" to his dying words. I'd call it "Choosers can't be beggars."

- Jesus is not calling you out of comfort into service. He's called you from cocoons into real life.

- Maybe u thought you were sacrificing comfort in order to be godly. Actually Christ was removing your chains and giving you joy. Phil 3:1-11

- Why we don't connect in conversation: we spend our time Proving ourselves, Protecting ourselves and Pleasing ourselves.

- Sick of 'Jesus is Lord' interpreted according to Caesar. Didn't Jesus explicitly define His Lordship in opposition to the Gentiles? Mk10:42f

- If you think 'I AM WHO I AM' is about divine self-sufficiency, remember: It's spoken by the LORD's Sent One (Ex 3:2,14)

- For every use of 'gospel' as adjective I want 3 explanations of the noun & if u bang on abt gospel-centred by golly u'd better centre on it

- Ever noticed: James Cameron's (& the popular) cosmology is the reverse of Bible's: the Abyss is friendly, the heavens have malign 'Aliens'


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6 thoughts on “Twit-bits

  1. Tim Vasby-Burnie

    "Part of the reason is my recent discovery (which you all made years ago): most of my blog posts are nothing more than tweets inflated by a hefty dose of soap-box rhetoric."

    Nonsense. Your posts are like Cadbury's Creme Eggs. Delicious Jesus-centred goodness wrapped in chocolatey brilliant writing. Keep making blog creme eggs, not Twittered chocolate buttons.

  2. Si Hollett

    "Ever noticed: James Cameron’s (& the popular) cosmology is the reverse of Bible’s: the Abyss is friendly, the heavens have malign ‘Aliens’."

    Haven't seen his biggest films, have you? The abyss of 2 miles of North Atlantic that the characters are sinking into is the terror in the second half of Titanic and in Avatar the heavens have nice aliens and wicked mankind ruins their Edenic planet.

    Of course, his love of the deep made him make Titanic and various documentaries and go down to the bottom of Challenger Deep recently - his cosmology hasn't changed - the abyss is the way to go.

    As an aside - popular cosmology has the heavens as the mostly-empty cold abyss.

  3. John B

    Tim Vasby-Burnie, Hear, hear! Glen is my favorite blog writer. Always glad to read as many of his posts as I can, and am always grateful for them. But even so, I'm just no fan of the Twitter format; and it's not for want of trying.

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