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Do you know some good video resources?

We're holding our Ask Eastbourne events next week.  Do you know of good videos (under 5 mins) on any of the following questions:

27th March: What are you really like?

Do you exist?
How do you fit with science?


28th March: What happens when we die?

Why should I believe?
What’s the meaning of life?


29th March: Why is the world full of suffering?

Can you make things better?
Where do I stand with you?


7 thoughts on “Do you know some good video resources?

  1. Toddy

    Are you after clips which answer the question or clips from anything which provoke people to think about the question?

  2. John B

    Christianity Explored has a great collection of videos that treats all of these questions at

    For me, David Bentley Hart is the go-to-guy on the question of suffering and the problem of evil. He has an excellent video at

    Also, something from someone like Richard Dawkins might help to provoke thinking on the question of suffering. Here's a brief one:

  3. John B

    I subscribe to a theory of evolution that the New Atheists are all descended from Carl Sagan.

    There's lots of Sagan video available that's relevant to these questions. Much of it is from his very good and well-produced TV series, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. Here's a good 5 minute one called "Lost Between Immensity and Eternity":

    The "Four Horseman of New Atheism" seem to have none of the wonder and imagination of Sagan, the modern guru of science.

  4. John B

    I also like this one, "A Man Fell in a Hole... at

    It's only 3 minutes and might fit in the afterlife category. It offers a dramatically illustrated response to the comparative religions questions, as well as an answer to the objection that there is salvation in no one else, but Christ alone.

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