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Aren't all religions basically the same?

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"Different paths up the same mountain" is arrogant and ignorant.

It's arrogant because only someone with a God's eye view could make that judgement

It's ignorant because world religions are saying vastly different things.

Only Jesus saves. Only Jesus is a self-giving Lord.

Jeremiah 2 - He is a Fountain of living waters.

Every other god is empty. And leaves its followers empty.

John 4 - here is Jesus approaching someone who's dug a lot of broken wells.

Jesus goes thirsty so that we can drink

If we see His self-giving, we'll be won back to the Fountain again.



5 thoughts on “Aren't all religions basically the same?

  1. Gordon Banks

    Whilst some may claim to be climbing up different paths on the same mountain God has slipped down a quiet back path in the form of Jesus - no need to to go climbing any more, God is now with us! (And this stops arguments about who is taking the best path or got the correct climbing gear - we can all walk around the corner and meet God in Jesus)

  2. Rich Owen

    It's strange that I'd not thought of this before, but how about this for an idea:

    All religions do indeed lead to God.

    And of course, they do.

    But here's the thing. All religions lead to the throne of God's judgement. But only Jesus brings us to the throne of grace. All religions lead to God's eternal condemnation, since they reject the one place where salvation is located - Jesus Christ.

  3. Glen

    Gordon - good one! Yes indeed - the Bible is God's quest for us!!

    Rich - yes no-one comes to the *Father* except in the Son. Everyone meets God though!

    In another sense, everyone gets the god they follow. Matt 25:41!

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