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7 thoughts on “What should I expect?

  1. Si Hollett

    One would imagine (speaking from quite a bit of experience) that there's five sets of people in the audience - Christians, so-called 'seekers', philosophers, the apathetic who just want a free lunch and those who are there for a verbal fight.

    Don't make the last group (fighters) the main group you speak to - they will easily sap your attention and trench warfare isn't pretty. You don't want to go negative in your talks, but rather portray a positive picture, leaving a few questions hanging about alternative viewpoints.

    For the Trinity talk, portray the good God Yahweh, rather than focussing on how bad this monadic god is and how his followers are slaves, not sons. Also keep the monadic god general 'the god of philosophy', rather than 'Allah'/'Jehovah-of-the-witnesses'

  2. Gordon Banks

    Can highly recomend this book....

    Review: When God Goes To Starbucks, Paul Copan ...
    A few weeks ago I received a book that caught my attention. When I read the title, When God Goes To Starbucks, I was immediately drawn to the book and greatly curious ...​goes-to-starbucks... - Cached

  3. Si Hollett

    Whoops, just realised my comments are saying that you should be a limp-wristed English coward who probably doesn't know how to kill a man with his bare hands, eats crumpets rather than raw meat, drinks tea instead of cheap lager, and watches Cricket rather than UFC! How will you ever reach young men if you are like that? :P

    Of course, be more confrontational and idol-smashing in the question time, but if you don't set out your side, rather taking out the other side, it's all in vain. Preach Christ, not anti-anti-Christ alone. But you're good at that anyway, so this is just a helpful reminder...

  4. Glen

    Thanks Si, very helpful reminders actually. Turning the other cheek is the bravest posture of all!

    Thanks Gordon, people keep recommending that one to me. I must check it out :)

  5. Matthew Weston

    For "Is Jesus homophobic?" you might get:

    * "what right has God to tell me what I can do in the privacy of my own bedroom?"
    * "How can God be a God of love if he outlaws the love that I feel/my friends feel?"
    * "No-one is harmed, so why is it a problem? They're two consenting adults."
    * "Wasn't Jesus accepting of all sorts? Why aren't Christians?"
    * "Surely we've moved on from the first century culture - isn't it all a bit out of date?"
    * "What about the verse about stoning gay men?"

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