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The questions people are asking…

We have a mission in Eastbourne which finishes at the end of March.  It's a variation on a theme used in London, Sheffield and elsewhere.  We're asking people their big question for God.  We'll poll the results and try to answer the top questions at central events in the town.

The website is looking fantastic - have a visit, but please only ask a question if you're local to Eastbourne.

Here's some of the questions I've been asked in the last few days:

How can I have the perfect life?

Can you make me magical?

How were you made?

Why does my mum have cancer?

Do you exist?

Why did you take my aunty away so soon?

Why are there different races if we all came from Adam?

Why don't you come down and show us what you're like?

What are the lottery numbers for tonight?

Why do you love slavery, oppression, sexism, and genocide so much?

Am I going to heaven or hell?

Why was my baby taken from me before I even got to hold my bundle of joy?

5 thoughts on “The questions people are asking…

  1. Steve Martin

    I think this may open many doors for you to share the gospel with confused, hurting people.

    I'll pray it does, and that you do, and that He will (save some).

  2. curiouscatlady

    SO WEIRD... i was just speaking to my Canadian friend and she told me she's coming to live in England for a couple of months. You'll never guess where... EASTBOURNE!

    I know she has questions on suffering...I'm forwarding this link to her.

  3. Glen

    curiouscatlady - that is curious indeed. Eastbourne's only a small town! I'd be happy to meet her if you liked - I have a Canadian friend who's been here 6 months (she's working at one of our churches) - perhaps she could show your friend around or something.

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