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New Evangelistic Course: "Identity" by Lee McMunn

Identity is a new evangelistic course based in John's Gospel.  It's by Lee McMunn of St John's, Newlands in Hull.  I've seen the DVDs and they're terrific.

Each week there is a little Bible study, a talk from Lee on the issue of the day and then a "Big Question" which Lee tackles towards the end of the evening.  The titles for the weeks are:

WEEK 1: The God who created us
WEEK 2: The God who wants to rescue us
WEEK 3: The God we were made for
WEEK 4: The God who wants to comfort us
WEEK 5: The God who loves relationships
WEEK 6: The God who died for us
WEEK 7 The God who wants to persuade us

The Big Questions are:

WEEK 1: Are science and Christianity enemies or friends?
WEEK 2: What about other religions?
WEEK 3: Where can I find lasting pleasure?
WEEK 4: Why do we suffer?
WEEK 5: Do I need to go to church to be a Christian?
WEEK 6: Does God care about justice?
WEEK 7: Do I need to see in order to believe?

Lee teaches with great assurance and winsomeness.  He is a master of illustrations (some of which I've stolen already) and both his main talks and his "Big Questions" sessions are marked by a real clarity and simplicity of expression.

I love the idea of a course based in John (after all, it is the Gospel that tells you "I am an evangelistic tract!!").  Therefore Lee follows the Apostle in putting the Trinity front and centre in his evangelism.  As the course develops, John's themes come through - particularly regarding "Life to the full" and the relational life of the Christian (both vertically and horizontally).  This is a real plus.

There is also a simplicity to the course, with the Bible studies and talks following a logical flow through John's Gospel.  And, barring the final "Big Question" (which feels like it should come earlier in the course), the apologetic issues addressed each week tie in well with the teaching.

The strength of the course comes in it's Johannine flavour and, for what it's worth, I think there is still room for that to be developed.  John's "faith" language was more often unpacked as "following Jesus", "putting Jesus in charge", "committing yourself to Jesus" rather than receiving the gift of the Son.  Similarly, sin was often spoken of as "rebellion" which is extremely common in modern evangelism but much less common in John.

But all in all it's a well written and well produced resource that I hope will introduce thousands to Jesus.

Order the DVD and Guide Books from 10ofthose.  And visit the website here.




0 thoughts on “New Evangelistic Course: "Identity" by Lee McMunn

  1. woldeyesus

    I don't see any trace of "The God who perpetually reveals himself", in Christ's death on the cross, as developed and documented in all the Scriptures. I hope it's coming!

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  3. Liam Shannon

    Could you tell me whether or not this would suit an Australian context?
    Especially for university students/young workers?

  4. Glen

    Hey Liam, I reckon it'd be great in that context. The content's good and Lee's Scottish accent probably communicates better there than an English accent...

    Like mine ;-)

  5. Liam Shannon

    Thanks Glen. I think I would like to run this at our church. Thanks for pointing me to it!
    In Christ,

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