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Outgoing 11B – Problems of the head – part two


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Outgoing – Session 11B - 17 November 2011

Questions, Questions...

Coming to Christ is like getting married...


You do ask questions before you’re married

But that’s not the primary way you get to know each other


You get to know each other by living in each other’s worlds and by telling stories.

And once you get married, then you start asking big questions.


It’s the same with coming to Christ:

Questions are important but they’re not the main way you get to know Jesus.

You get to know Jesus as His story is told.

Therefore it's not about taking questions on their own terms.

We must use questions to proclaim Christ.


Reframing, Reflecting, Revealing...

We reframe the questions around the Bible’s definitions.

We reflect the question back because they too must answer it.

We reveal the gospel focused on Christ and Him crucified.




1)    If God is all loving, all knowing and all powerful, how can he allow suffering?

2)    If God knows everything, why pray?

3)    Religion causes wars

Recommended Reading: Galatians 1-6

What is the gospel?

What does it mean to live by the flesh?  And by the Spirit?

What is the biggest threat to the gospel


Next Week: What’s stopping us

Why don’t we evangelise?  The real reason is fear, pride and spiritual dryness.  The solution?  Return to the Fountain!

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  1. day care yorba linda

    Just a wonderful post...I really very appreciate your thinking.just love the way you write like.."Coming to Christ is like getting married…"its so true.we get involved to the person whom with we have to live our entire life and its same with Jesus Christ we live in each others heart but when we are going more close to Him then we ask the questions from our heart.just a lovely post keep it up.thanks for sharing with us.

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