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How to preach on hell

Every year Steve Levy's congregation ask him to preach his hell sermon.  They invite their friends and people become Christians.  It's phenomenal preaching and if you ask me it's exactly the way to speak of judgement.

Hell is already on us.  We experience it (John 3:18,36; Romans 1:18).  We see the "trailers" for the main feature and everything screams at us "You do not want to go there!"  Jesus does not come into the world to save some and damn others.  He comes into a condemned world only to save.  We are not at a cross-roads with heaven or hell in the power of our choosing.  Hell is on us.  Our only response is to turn to the Saviour.

Download here.

Also check out the rest of the Mount Pleasant sermons.  Wonderful stuff - including some recent Blackham sermons too.

0 thoughts on “How to preach on hell

  1. Jay Kappel

    I find it interesting that there are no comments on this post in over a month. Could it be that people aren't interested in hearing preaching on Hell these days? Too bad, it's the starting point of the Gospel. I wish we heard about it more often. Certainly we must understand our predicament before we would ever recognize our need for a savior!

    Thanks for posting this..

  2. Preschool yorba linda

    Really very interesting post.i just like the line "hell is already on us" so true it is.we experience it in our daily life.But there is one power which is always with us and its a power of Jesus Christ who comes in this world to bless us and to save us from the hell ...

    Love and Blessings

  3. Glen

    Hi Jay, no comments, but 40 downloads (so says my stats counter). Perhaps people are listening and mulling over. Hope so, it's a deeply moving and important sermon.

  4. Jay Kappel

    That's good news! Keep up the good work with your blog! It seems people from all over have found it, including myself way over here in California, USA.

    I am one of the 40 who downloaded it, and I listened to it yesterday. It was quite good. I am always thankful to hear the love of a pastor communicated along with this message. He conveyed his love for the congregation superbly!

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