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Subterranean Terror – repost

Homer's Scream

The first human emotion after the fall was fear - Genesis 3:10

The first human emotion after birth is fear.

The most common biblical command is 'Fear not'.

Which gives you the idea that fear is a major part of our emotional life as fallen creatures.  But of course, we hide it under a thousand pseudonyms.  Here are a few phrases we say all the time.  In italics is what we really mean.

I'm not mechanical/sporty/mathematical

I am insanely threatened by this challenge to my competence


I'm not really a people person

The thought of others getting close terrifies me


I'm not much of an admin person

Facing up to daily responsibilities fills me with dread


I'm not that tactile

I'm terrified of human touch


I don't like people making a fuss over me

It feels intolerably dangerous to have attention


I'm more of an ordered person

I must protect myself from the chaos


I'm just shy, that's all

One wrong step in public and the embarassment could kill me


I don't go for flashy clothes

I'm petrified of having the eyes of others on me


I like to look good

I'm afraid of being invisible


I'm quite competitive

I can't bear to be a loser


I don't like all that competitive stuff

I can't bear being appraised


I like to chew over my decisions

I'm petrified of doing it wrong


I tend to decide on the spot

I'm petrified good things will be taken away


I'm just a practical person

I fear mystery


I'm not really a practical person

I'm terrified of being shown up in the 'real world'



2 thoughts on “Subterranean Terror – repost

  1. Alissa James

    Really very true....Human made from all of these emotions.Fear is one of the most important emotion because its a feeling which never leave us alone in both sad and happy moments.Just love all your quotes its reflects all the human emotions.Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful post with us.....

    God Bless.....

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