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We are not saved so that God might love us. We are saved because God loves us.

From the latest King's English post:

God does not send His Son in order that He might love the world.  It is not that God can love the world once the Son has redeemed it a bit.  No, in all its darkness and unbelief God loves the world andtherefore He gives His Son.  We are not saved so that God might love us.  We are saved because God loves us.

Therefore when we see Jesus given to us, it is not the sign that we are, in principle, now loveable.  It is the proof that we are in fact loved.  The Gift doesn’t purchase the love, the Gift proves the love.

Do you feel that God loves you?  Look again at the Gift of the Son and you will see the Father – the Father of Jesus and your Father.  See this Gift given to you and remember that He is yours not because you are good – you aren’t; not because you were receptive – you weren’t; but because of God’s own prior and indomitable love.  See His nature expressed in Jesus.  See Him spread His arms, though it cost Him His life, and know that this is the love of God for you.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son

For similar thoughts, see He rescued me because He delighted in me.

3 thoughts on “We are not saved so that God might love us. We are saved because God loves us.

  1. Rich

    This is great, thanks Glen. Preachers so often send people out to go and do, or to be something different. "This is what God wants, so go and do this, or stop doing the other, and he will be pleased". Seems to be pretty close to a pagan model of propitiation -- making regular offerings in order to appease God -- rather than receiving and trusting Christ himself as our propitiation, which is something different entirely.

  2. Glen

    Well put. Pagan propitiation is a powerful way of saying it. And scary! Just heard a Christian speak of another man "He's really offered himself to God and God's blessing that..."

  3. student ministry yorba linda

    Agreed from the true heart....What a post really very nice..I personally believe that we are saved and we are in this beautiful world only because of God loves us too much.His love for us is totally unconditional and we are really not able to understands it..He is our heavenly father and spread His love to the entire world through The Lovely Jesus.He gave a birth to us and Bless us to be happy forever..I just want to say thank you to Him for give birth us in this too much beautiful world..Thank you Dear God...Thank you so much...Amen!!!!


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