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More on Addiction

I'd downloaded Dev's sermon on addiction last week, but I finally listened to it last night.  Wonderful!

The church of God is not a gathering of the self-righteous, but the gathering of the broken well diggers around the Fountain of Life-Giving Waters. We are a community of grace, where mistakes are understood for what they are, because we are addicts too, addicts in rehabilitation. Together we fight the battle to stand firm in the grace of Jesus Christ, in the love of God, in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit – together we fight the battle against unbelief. We use every resource God has given us to proclaim the desirability, the beauty of Jesus to one another – that we may see Him, believe in Him and remain in the Light.

Read (or listen to) the whole thing.

0 thoughts on “More on Addiction

  1. Emma Bail

    Agreed!!! What a true sayings.It is really a battle for all of us against all the unbelief in this world.We need to be together to win this battle for our lovely God.We have to use each and every resource to reach our goal.We have the goal of making this world with full of love for one another.Just believe in Him and keep loving......

    Emma Bail

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