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A trinity sermon outline

Think of it as 51 weeks early...

Trinity means:

There is a romance to God

...a spreading, outgoing love


There is room in God invitation to dwell in that love.  But how?...


There is response in God

...the Son responds to the Father in our name the Spirit, we dwell in Him, adopted into God

0 thoughts on “A trinity sermon outline

  1. Emma Bail

    Just love this!!! what a truthful meaning in each and every word.God is really out of our all understandings.He is just beyond of all.We cant reach the deepness in Him.He is everywhere.Great post...

    Lots of Love

  2. Glen

    Hey Dave B - sorry not to respond to this. Maybe John 1?

    Romance - v1-4 and 18

    Room - v10-13

    Response - v14-17 (and maybe even v5-9 would help too).

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