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  1. Glen

    Well... you know... it's also good to have your preparation fresh in your mind...

    But I'd like to say I *write* my sermons last minute, not download them :)

  2. Sarah

    Fail to prepare = prepare to fail.

    I hope when you *write* (or make up) your sermons you include proper references at the end :P

    And there's nowt wrong with downloading to listen to something to listen to for educational or inspirational purposes.

  3. Derek

    I'll freely admit that I did use your point about our prayers being perfect in him on Sunday - but I've been convicted about that for months... when I first read your sermon ;-)

  4. Glen

    @Josh and Dave - trinity sermon, and Christian approaches to CBT seem to be the big Google search terms.

    @Derek :-) Love to hear or read your sermon if you have it available.

    I stole that line from Mike Reeves. Dunno who he stole it from...

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