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Christ in the Old Testament resources

David Murray is professor of Old Testament at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in the States.  And he proclaims Christ from the Hebrew Scriptures the way the Puritans did.  Which is the way Calvin did.  And Luther.  And the early church.  That is, he makes the bold assumption that Christ is the one true object of saving faith.  Insane I know.  Who believes that today?  Well he does.  And I do.  And many of you do too.  But it can often seem like modern evangelicals have lost a great deal of clarity on the issue.

Well David writes and speaks with the kind of plain speaking insightfulness we expect from Reformed Scots.

Check out his blog here.  He has much on preaching Christ from the OT here.  And he has produced a series of 10 videos on appearances of the Son of God in the OT.  The first two will be up indefinitely.  Later ones will be up only for one week at a time.  You can order all of them on DVD here.  Enjoy!

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  1. woldeyesus

    Except for an apparent slight under-statement vis-à-vis Christ as the exclusive author of faith autographed in his death on the cross, David Murray's "assumption that Christ is the one true object of saving faith" is provable!

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