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100 King James Phrases in 3 minutes

Why not share this around, see if it might drum up business for the book.

The words with references are below...

God forbid[1] the powers that be[2]
Forgetting the begetting[3] of the KJV.
It’s put words in our mouth[4] for 400 years,
Turned the world upside down[5], so here’s my three cheers.

As a sign of the times[6], I’ll sing its praises,[7]
Shout from the rooftops[8] one hundred phrases.
Miserable comforters[9] may cast aspersions,
I’ll do this in remembrance[10] of the Authorised Version.

Like a fiery dart[11] I made haste[12] to start
Then fell by the way side,[13] was cut to the heart[14]
In the beginning,[15] it seemed easy game
How the mighty are fallen,[16] I was put to shame.[17]

This labour of love[18] turned a worldly care.[19]
My dream became my cross to bear.[20]
I wished to wash my hands[21] of the suff’ring,
To find a scapegoat,[22] pay a peace off’ring[23]

The years of plenty[24] gave way to famine,
I counteth the cost,[25] had to re-examine.
I’d girded my loins[26] then bitten the dust[27]
Put my house in order[28] as needs must.[29]

I’d led myself like a lamb to slaughter[30]
Success was as likely as wine from water[31]
With this thorn in my flesh,[32] crying “Woe is me”[33]
With weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.[34]

I got carried away,[35] knew not what I did.[36]
Twas a task that mastered,[37] a bottomless pit.[38]
Beside myself[39] sore tempted to chuck it,
My tally remained just a drop in the bucket.[40]

Twas a beast of burden,[41] grievously borne.[42]
I needed shelter from the storm.[43]
I could not find what I did seek,[44]
The Spirit was willing, the flesh was weak.[45]

It’s written,[46] “Pride goeth before a fall”[47]
And for me that writing was on the wall.[48]
At my wits end,[49] thought none could save it,
This task was Goliath and I was David.[50]

The time was short,[51] my days were numbered,[52]
This stumbling block[53] had me encumbered.
The kingdom of God may come with great power,[54]
My grapes had become decidedly sour.[55]

The sweat of my brow[56] began to glisten
He that hath ears, let him listen[57]
There’s a time for everything,[58] but first check
That it’s not a millstone around your neck.[59]

I fear it’s too long to fight the good fights[60]
If it takes 40 days and 40 nights.[61]
Tis vanity of vanities,[62] but I should have figured
Doesn’t it say “No rest for the wicked”?[63]

In sackcloth and ashes,[64] and laughed to scorn,[65]
I wished to high heaven[66] I’d never been born.[67]
I was stiff-necked,[68] hard hearted[69] with feet of clay,[70]
Awaiting my own private judgement day.[71]

Then before I gave up the ghost[72]
The Lord appeared with heavenly host.[73]
As fast as you can say “Let there be light”[74]
In the twinkling of an eye,[75] like a thief in the night.[76]

Twas my road to Damascus,[77] my burning bush,[78]
For this doubting Thomas[79] needed a push
Behold the Man![80]  From heaven He came
The Word become flesh,[81] one and the same.[82]

With tender mercies[83] He casteth out fear,[84]
And said unto me, “Son be of good cheer![85]
I suffer fools gladly,[86] and that’s where you’re standing
This task indeed passeth your own understanding.[87]

“You’re sore brokenhearted[88] and none too smart
But clearly a man after my own heart.[89]
Dearly beloved,[90] to me you belong
And I will grant you to speak in tongues.”[91]

So the truth set me free,[92] Alleluia,[93] Amen.[94]
Out of the mouth of this babe[95] who’d been born again[96]
Phrases were fruitful and multiplied[97] further
The Lord as my helper,[98] my cup runneth over.[99]

O me of little faith,[100] I didn’t fall short.[101]
Just look at what my God hath wrought![102]
By the skin of my teeth?[103]  No we’ve done it in style
And even gone the extra mile.[104]

So long live the King[105] – Jesus we mean
But thank God[106] King Jimmy has sown the seed.[107]
So verily, verily we say unto thee[108]
Happy birthday KJV

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10 thoughts on “100 King James Phrases in 3 minutes

  1. Dave K

    That's incredibly snazzy. Great work from the media people. It did justice to the text and the quality of the book itself judging by the cover... oh and reading the blog. Great on all fronts.

    However, I must confess I kept having to stop myself thinking about Hot Shots 2 body count clock. But that's not an entirely bad thing.


  2. Josh VB

    Any chance you can put the first chapter of the book online? I've no doubt it will be great, and having the first chapter up will no doubt convince others.

  3. Glen

    Thanks guys. Good idea Josh. The whole thing is going to be available online very shortly. (With the availablity of print on demand for US readers). But I'll put a link to chapter 1 in for now.

  4. denise

    Really nice!! i was going to comment about your sartorial choice but that was rectified at the end of the video :p

  5. Glen

    Thanks Kip. And yes Denise, that would be the first thing I'd change if I did it over again. Didn't think my t-shirt would be in short. Of course baptist friends have told me the video was *ruined* by the dog-collar. So you can't please everyone!

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