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Please pray for northern Nigeria

In the wake of Nigerian presidential elections in which a Christian from the south has won, the north has erupted in violence. Open Doors reports that 60 churches have been torched and thousands of Christian homes destroyed.

My brother in Christ Yahaya Ibrahim is a brave pastor of a congregation in Kaduna. He contacted me to ask for prayer:

Please pray for:

* God's intervention,
* Pray against fear,
* Pray against retaliation,
* Pray against rumour mongering.

0 thoughts on “Please pray for northern Nigeria

  1. Afeni Nelson

    Dear God, Create me, a brand new me, myself and I, who never sin and never will sin, etc. I am thankful, for Yahaya Ibrahim, a brother in Christ, and others for praying for your intervention! Please protect Christian lives and their places, and possessions. Thank You, and Sincerely, Cordially, Afeni!

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