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0 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. theoldadam

    My favourite (see, Iadded the 'u') April fools are all the fools that have thrown traditional worship and law and gospel and the Sacraments out the window for a more kindly, cool, hip, culturally sensitive, 'me focused' worship scence.

    Unfortuantely it's not just one day a year.

  2. John B

    My April 1st tradition is to revisit the books in the Letters from a Nut series by Ted L. Nancy. The author's name is a pseudonym for Barry Marder, a former writer on Seinfeld. Last year, on Larry King Live, Jerry Seinfeld introduced Marder as "Ted L. Nancy", thus ending years of speculation that Seinfeld himself was the nutty letters author.

    Reading Nancy always makes me nostalgic for good old-fashioned snail mail, as text messages and e-mails from a nut just don't seem to be nearly so funny as good old letters.

    Nancy's letters pose very human problems, requests, and suggestions to big institutions, addressing them as though they are human, too. Most of Nancy's letters in the book received responses. For instance, he writes to a large department store chain, asking to buy one of their window mannequins, because it looks just like his deceased neighbor, and he wants to give it to the bereaved family as a remembrance.

    Some of these nutty letters can be browsed at

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