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Your questions

Last month I asked people to submit questions they might have regarding faith in Christ in the OT.  Here's 22 questions that have been generated.  If I've missed yours, please add it in the comments.

I'm going to open out the answering of these questions to others.  (Otherwise, at my current rate of blogging here I won't be done before 2015!)If you'd like to have a go at answering these, please email me: glenscrivener [at] gmail [dot] com

I'm thinking the answers shouldn't be too long - after all you can thrash things out a bit more in comments.  Perhaps I'll put an 800 word limit on it?  Something like that.

Drop me a line and tell me roughly how you'd go about answering the question and I'll assign them to people in the next week or so.


1) Is Jesus The Wisdom in the wisdom literature? Or is Wisdom heavenly information to help us live for God?

2) What is the message of Job?

3) What is new about the new covenant?  Is it better?  In what way?

4) Were OT saints worse off, or have anything ‘less’ than NT saints?

5) What was the ministry of the Spirit in the OT?  Has it changed?  In what way?

6) How do we deal with the promises of the OT - especially of physical prosperity and revival?

7) Is John the Baptist ‘least of all the saints’ because he was from the OT era?8) Isn’t it obvious that we have progressed in sanctification since the OT since today we would never invite a Samson to preach?

9) What is the mystery that Paul speaks of which was not revealed in OT times?

10) The answer to Israel's backsliding is often presented as the New Covenant ministry of the Spirit.  Why then has the church seemed to be just as bad?

11) In what sense does the new wine burst the old wineskins?

12) Why does the gospel appear much clearer in the NT?

13) Does the incarnation give us any more revelation about God?

14) Does this position downplay or even reject the special role of Israel?

15) How should we get folks to love the OT as Christian?

16) Why don’t we get the clear Trinitarian formulations in the OT that we get in the NT? eg Matt 28:19, 2 Cor 13:14.

17) If the Old Testament is clearly and overtly Christocentric, then why isn’t it all that obvious to most people?

18) Can you show that in the OT the God who saves, and the human/people through whom he would save would be the same person?

19) In what ways does Jesus fulfil laws that seem not to apply to Him?  (e.g. the uncleanness of women after childbirth).

20) Would contemporary Jews have understood the temple of Ezekiel 40-48 to represent the Messiah and His work?

21) If OT saints trusted in Christ, what kind of knowledge of Christ did they have?  And how, if it was through types or symbols, is it not idolatry?

22) When I see LORD in the OT how do I know whether it’s referring to the Father or to the Son?


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  1. John B

    If there's still time to add questions, I'd like to request this one: Were the details on the fulfillment of prophecy pertaining to the advent of Christ revealed to the OT prophets in their day?

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