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In or Out? In on Out.

Evangelicals believe in conversion.  It's absolutely foundational.  The human race is either in or out.  We're born out.  We need to come in through Christ.

But then, what are we coming in to?  Because if you only think in terms of "in or out" then it might start to sound like the Christian community is the safe-house and the world is going to hell.  And the church says: "Bring em in, batten down the hatches and ride out the storm."  It's us against the world and the godly traffic is all heading towards the safe-house.

This sounds like the conservative Christian picture.  But it's missing a key element.  God.

You see God is out-going.  The Father is a Sender - of His Son and Spirit.  We need to be in.  But we need to be in on the One who is ever going out.  Therefore, with Christ, the church says: "Get on out there, reach into the world in order to bless."  It's us for the world and the godly traffic is all heading towards the outsider.

We must, by all means, believe in conversion.  But let's understand what we are converted to.  We want people in, but we want them in on radical out-going-ness.

So it's not so much in or out, it's in on out.

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  1. Pedro

    We are born into God's family and naturally start producing family traits. God reached out for us (how far? look at Jesus' outstretched arms!) to include us, and we start to want to be involved in drawing others into the family.
    As family, the difficulty I think we the church face is being so occupied with "in-house" activities - all worthwhile and of value - that there's no time/energy left for drawing others in. And do I really want to draw others into the unrelenting busyness I'm involved with, when in my heart I know it's not a very healthy way to be?

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