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0 thoughts on “It's ok to be drunk, it's not ok to be fat

  1. Glen

    Good point Ed!

    Obesity is not much of a problem (that I've noticed) in our churches over here. Would you say there's a greater degree of obesity in American churches than in America generally?

  2. Ed Eubanks

    Well, of course many Americans face the problem of obesity. (I would say that 95% of Americans are either careless about their obesity or obsessive about their thinness.) And it’s no less so in the church: there are many overweight and even obese pastors, and congregations inevitably will have some numbers of those who are obese. It’s a bit of a stereotype to say that there are plenty of obese Christians in southern churches especially— but not much of one.

    What’s always ironic is attending an event in a church community where the members have been required to sign a membership covenant swearing they won’t consume alcohol (and sometimes even that they will refrain from patronizing establishments where alcohol is served), and looking around at all of the obese people engorging themselves on fried chicken and banana pudding.

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