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Sexualizing the Golden Chain of Redemption

Thank you to David Ould who publicized my new blog on Stand Firm in Faith.

This sentence from my first post caused a minor stir:

The meaning of our lives is not to cower before our creator but to be wooed by our heavenly Lover.

The very first commenter responded:

Eck.  I was tracking with him until right there.  Our purpose is not to be ‘wooed by our heavenly lover’ ... I say again, eck ... but to glorify God.  Can’t we find some way to delete this word ‘woo’ from our collective memories?

Someone responded, he responded back:

It still doesn’t justify sexualizing the Golden Chain of Redemption - as in ‘wooed by our heavenly lover.’  Thrice again ‘Eck!’

Funny huh!?

0 thoughts on “Sexualizing the Golden Chain of Redemption

  1. Heather


    It doesn't glorify God that Christ so completely emptied Himself in order to draw the unlovable into a loving relationship with Himself?

    I don't know anything about the Golden Chain of Redemption, but have been amazed at the repeated Biblical references to marriage/divorce/adultery=idolatry/prostitution/"fruitfulness" as opposed to "barrenness"...

    Perhaps if the commenter was saying that we ought not to cheapen the concept of redemption by overlaying it with a perverted human concept of sexuality, then I could agree. But wow! To say that the two are unrelated?


  2. Dan Hames

    The constant unintended reference to 'Eck' is strangely fitting as this kind of objection is very much like the sorts of complaints Luther was getting from his oppnents about 'The Freedom of the Christian' which is precisely about Christ and the Church as Lover and Beloved...

  3. Tim C

    Perhaps such comments are merely symptomatic of western culture's warped view of intimacy which cannot seem to dissociate it from eroticism...

    If God is not love in the beginning then he is dependent upon the created world to find objects of his love. Such a God is quite simply a joke - a projection of our own daddy issues onto the skies.

    Since this is not true, however, and he 'is' love even before the beginning, intimacy is right there at the centre of his being and so it makes perfect sense that the most meaningful relationship a being created by him can have is an intimate one (with or without the erotic) and above all with their creator God himself.

    The love within the fellowship of the Trinity is (not possibly but absolutely) the most liberating, uplifting and majestic truth this world has been and could ever be shown and I am delighted that you have chosen to start the year by bringing it to the fore! :-)

  4. John B

    The view of this commenter seems to be predominant among American evangelical men. I hear it expressed often, but was surprised to see that it seems to be penetrating Anglican thought to a significant degree. I'm glad to see that more of our countrymen are reading your blogs through the "Stand Firm in Faith" link. I know that some will see a fuller scriptural understanding of the believer's union with Christ through your writing.

    I love your new blog, and eagerly anticipate some good KJV-only discussions there. ;-)

  5. Heather

    The view of this commenter seems to be predominant among American evangelical men.

    Unfortunately, it's not just the men. But that may be due to the fact that a majority of the teaching here is done by evangelical men with this perspective. And it seems to be (at least in part) a violently lopsided reaction to the rather flippant "Jesus is my boyfriend" mentality that seriously downplays the need for us to still have respect for the righteous and authoritative facets of God's nature.

    Being given a more well-rounded perspective of the trinitarian relationship really helped to balance my own view (no flattery intended, Glen).

    Actually, I popped back in to ask whether it's okay to post quotes from your new site with a link back to the original article? The "Beginning" piece offers a great starting point for re-orientation, I think.

  6. Glen

    Thanks guys, and absolutely Heather - quote away, you'd be doing me a favour.

    Do you think I'll get through a year without the KJV-only brigade swooping in at some point?

  7. Mike

    Wooing is dangerous stuff. Wooing leads to ... union. Imagine God and humanity united as one. Sounds like love, incarnation, theosis, healing and salvation. The world needs more wooing.

    Great line and post.


  8. codepoke

    Oh yeah. I completely agree with the commenters. God should quit referring to His attempts to woo His bride with adornments and gifts. He should stop mentioning how He sees her as an object of beauty and attraction. And He should definitely stop making any connection between the fact we're sexual beings and that we are created in His image.

    Doesn't God understand His eternal purpose is to thankfully receive our passionless admiration, and capriciously answer our petitions when we get the protocols of faith and persistence just right?

    You can almost smell the bodily fluids in Hosea.

    God really needs to listen to these people.

  9. Glen

    Hi Mike +

    It's a clear sign that this topic is far too racey that your comment has been consigned to spam all this time. Sorry about that. Great comment!

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