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The Little LORD Jesus

Just did a crib service meditating on the littleness of the little LORD Jesus.  Most of the congregation were not regular church goers.  And so as I spoke there was another voice in my head.

It was the voice of a hundred other Christmas sermons I've heard.  You know the part where you're meant to challenge the saccharine sweet domestication of Jesus with an embarassed: "But of course the baby in the manger grew up.  We mustn't leave Jesus in the crib!  He's a full grown man now you know!  Don't look down on Jesus."


It's the attempt to wake people up from their preconceptions and show them something surprising.  But you know the way to really shock people.  Dwell on the manger.  Make a determined effort to look down on Jesus.  And proclaim that here - right here - is the true and living God.  That'll wake em up from their preconceptions.

0 thoughts on “The Little LORD Jesus

  1. peter1rose1

    Hi Glen. Just visiting from Nottingham. Really enjoyed the Crib Service today. Good sermon: How great is our God?? Fantastic! Many thanks. Pete.

  2. Glen

    Thanks Pete. Did you find All Souls first and then the blog?
    Anyway, if you're at church today, come say hello :)

    Happy Christmas

  3. Peter Rose

    Hi Glen. Yes, All Souls first. I am visiting the in-laws for Christmas and thought would come along for the crib service. We spoke briefly and you mentioned your blog in passing, so I looked you up. Really liked All Souls so could well be an infrequent visitor from time to time (I live in Nottingham). I guess I might call myself a Baptist but I really don't worry too much about denominations. Every blessing, Pete.

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