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Question of Faith Video and Round-up

They've posted up the video of last week's panel discussionDownload video here. Original page here.

(If you don't have Windows Media Player (eg if you have a Mac) you can download VLC Player and paste in this URL:

We didn't know the questions in advance and we were given 90 seconds each, so this was my off-the-cuff effort.  There are a few things I'd say differently now and next time I'll remember to sit on my hands, but... here it is.

UPDATE:  Here are my answers as short youtube videos.

The questions were as follows (you can fast-forward to my answers at the times given below):

If a believer thinks their faith has a monopoly on the whole truth how can they respect any other?
My answer 4:57

Should there be Bishops in a reformed House of Lord?
My answer 11:50

Do the Adherents of your faith represent your faith accurately to the world?
My answer: 26:00

How can we know God?
My answer:  31:16  (I pick up on the Muslim panelist’s comment that “we know God through God.”)

In inter-faith discussions, do you think there is a danger of slipping into a subtle form of intolerance i.e. to think that there are no real differences and that what you believe is just another way of expressing what I believe?
My answer:  46:43

In the past 4 decades we have seen great change in the faith structure of Britain with major immigration to the UK.  From the faith perspective, can and how can serious conflict be avoided in the next 50 years?
My answer: 51:00

Do faith schools encourage greater tolerance and understanding between faith communities or are they more divisive?
My answer:  1:03:40

What is your faith’s view of women?
My answer:  1:19:05

What is your faith's view of other religions?
My answer: 1:23:58

Answers on youtube.

Some other questions I've been considering recently are here:

Is homosexuality wrong?  What is your position on gay marriage?

How should ‘faith schools’ be treated in a multi-cultural, multi-faith society?

Should there be blasphemy laws?  Who should they protect?

Can there be a place for Sharia law in our multi-cultural society?

What common ground do you share with the other panelists?

Does your faith community represent your faith well?

How do we avoid war when the religions just can’t agree?

How do we avoid the dangers of religious extremists?


0 thoughts on “Question of Faith Video and Round-up

  1. John B

    Thank you! Looking in from overseas, this program provides an illuminating glimpse of contemporary religious culture in the UK. The panel was wonderful, and the audience posed really fine questions. Great job! (And I was glad to hear that Ned Flanders made it into the discussion, too!)

  2. Dave K

    Only had time to skip through the highlights... i.e. your answers.

    Think you did an amazing job. Articulately holding out of the Word of life time and again.

    Pray there is fruit, even if you never see it.

  3. Glen

    Thanks Bobby, Dave and Si! The Lord used it with some people. I chatted with those teens and another couple and I've heard of some other good chats people had after the event. An odd kind of opportunity, but an opportunity I think.

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