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if i were a fish

if i were a fish
i'd wish
to swish and slither
near and thither
round coral candy
brightly lit.
my silver belly
slimed and smelly
would rough and tickle
the pebbled gritties.

through defracted wobbles
i'd gaze and appraise
that other galaxy
with the air
and televisions and the kitties -
their paws thud thudding
in vacant despair.

i'd decide to glide
in nonchalant cool
past claws that kill
at will
how my fishy heart would thrill!

they could not express, my leaden eyes,
such highs
as send a pescatorial chill
that is, until-
those kitties invent a gill.
i wonder if still
i'd wish
to be that fish.



0 thoughts on “if i were a fish

  1. John B

    Would you like to swing on a star?
    Carry moonbeams home in a jar?
    And be better off than you are?
    Or would you rather be a fish?

    A fish won't do anything but swim in a brook
    He can't write his name or read a book
    To fool all the people is his only thought
    Though he's slippery, he still gets caught
    But then if that sort of life is what you wish
    You may grow up to be a fish

    I think I'd rather be a sheep...

    Tertullian likened Christians to fish, living and swimming in the waters of baptism!

  2. John B

    Hi Glen - I like to seek out blogs that discuss Patristics and music from the movies, especially old songs like this; but they're usually not the same blogs though. :-)

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