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9 thoughts on “Come Awake

  1. Steve

    I'm a big fan of this video and the sound track. I think on the whole the subtitles add, rather than take away from what it's trying to achieve. However, I spend most of the video thinking it's aimed at Christians (I think the song is), but the ending makes it seem a bit evangelistic, don't you think?

  2. Glen

    Hey Steve - like I say, I thought 3 minutes 20 of it was *BRILLIANT*. It takes me out of myself - I might be *this*, but Jesus is *that*. Praise God for this dragging me out of myself.

    But the last 30 seconds throw me back on myself. I 'could be' a new creation?? I 'could be' in Christ again??

    I don't mind 'wake up O sleeper' kind of language - that's totally Scriptural. But that's a call to wake up to where you already are - not to where you could be.

    It's not 'wake up and get yourself into Christ' - it's "wake up, you're IN Christ." I fear that the "could be" language makes my own emotional get-up-and-go into my saviour. Which, in the end, is bad news.

    That's my take anyway

  3. Rich Owen

    I would have thought that the whole thing would be evangelistic - old life, rising to new life, declaration of the gospel. The call to come awake. I love the fact that the resurrection is central, the hope of new life etc.

    I know what you mean though about the "could be". You wouldn't hear an evangelist saying that you *could be* born again if you trusted in Christ. They would (and should) say that you *will be* be born again - you will come awake.

    So I guess it is a psychological hook - for those seeking potential etc.

  4. Glen

    I think the video is made for church services - that tends to be the market for Igniter videos if I'm not mistaken. It's certainly explicitly directed to the 'church' several times - "O Church stand in the light again" etc.

    The description of the video on the website is:

    "We all carry various burdens and struggles that sometimes prevent us from living the life God intended. Christ's sacrifice, though, reminds us that he defeated every last thing that might encumber His people. Thus, the charge to us all is to come awake and be one with Christ again."


  5. Aaron E Elmore


    I just found your blog because I have a google alert for the phrase "Faith Comes Through Hearing" which is the title of my blog. It alerted me to your blog, so I came to check it out. Great stuff. I love the Christ-centeredness. This too, is essentially the purpose of my blog as well, Christ-centered teaching, reflection and conversation.

    This was a great video, well done, good message, good music. I agree the "could, could, could" is a little weak. However, I don't think it ruins the whole impact of the video. Most people might not even notice this detail.

    I think it would be better if it was presented almost like an imperative of command, "You must wake up!" "You must find yourself in Christ!" This would be more compelling than an offer or option. Well, you could accept Christ if you want to, but its no big deal...

    Overall, a lot of truth. I understand the comments about not being sure if the message is for believers or evangelistic for the lost, but I am not sure you really need to differentiate this when you are proclaiming the gospel. We all need to hear it all the time. Dead in sin without Christ, alive in Christ.

  6. Glen

    Hi Aaron,
    Glad to have crossed paths. I like your final sentence: "Dead in sin without Christ, alive in Christ."

    The problem with the video is that it says "Dead in sin without Christ, could be alive in Christ."

    We would never accept that Christians "could be children of God" or "could be justified." It is equally false to say that Christians "could be new creations" or "could be in Christ."

    To clarify - I'm all for an imperative "Wake up!" But we "wake up" to what's real and true already - we *are* new creations, we *are* in Christ. To suggest otherwise is effectively to say we need to be born again again.

    So on balance I think the last 30 seconds completely undermine the first 3 minutes (which were excellent).

  7. Aaron E Elmore

    Glen, now I understand your point...I had missed it before. My point about the imperative was for those who do not yet believe in Christ. That is who I thought the "could" was directed at.

    It seems you are affirming the assurance of salvation for those who are truly in Christ. They are new creations, not could be. I totally agree. Those who are in Christ can be confident in the work of Jesus on the cross on their behalf. There is no "could" or guesswork about it.

    My understanding of the video was that this last portion was intended for those who don't yet believe. As in, "you too could be a new creation in Christ if you are not yet." Maybe not though. I still think the passive language of could is not the best choice here even if this was the intention.

    Grace and Peace, AE

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