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Here’s why trinity matters…

Thought this was relevant to the triune creation stuff I've been blogging.  This is what you get when you mess with "Let us"...

It's also a good reminder not to make "nothing" into a big black something.  To say that God creates out of nothing is not to imagine a gigantic, universe-shaped hole into which creation then slots.  It means that before creation, the Father, Son and Spirit were all of reality.  When He creates God is massively relativized by the cosmos.  Creation is the beginning of the Lord's humbling that climaxes at the cross.


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  1. John B

    That last sentence is an attention grabber! But in looking to Christ in the context of creation, do you mean here to isolate humiliation from exaltation; Crucifixion from Resurrection; descent from ascent? If so, then I wonder, why are these separated here?

    I'm pondering this as I enjoy reading and reflecting on your Irenaeus and Athanasius series.

    Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father

  2. Glen

    I just though it was the esprit du blog to post a comic video and finish on an unsubstantiated and sensational quip.

    Absolutely we cannot isolate humiliation from glory - especially not when the humbling involves flinging galaxies into place, and most especially since, as we always say round here, His grace is His glory.

  3. Glen

    Hi Dismas - sorry you were in spam.

    Before creation there was only the Father, Son and Spirit. In a sense once there's a creation they have to make room for us. They used to be all of reality. Now there's something besides them. It's very humbling actually, especially when you realise that the purpose of this creation is to be drawn back into their triune life through incarnation (massive humility) and cross (extreme humility)!

  4. Hiram

    "The Fool" of Psalm 14 rears his ugly mug again. What struck me some time ago about the way atheists argue is that they cut off their own legs by barring believers from employing analogical language to speak of God, and then proceeding to use analogical language to speak of what "occurred" before time, or how one celled organisms "sought out" the environmental conditions most conducive to them evolving.

    The irony.

    Language's ability to signify spatio-temporal reality and simultaneously point beyond spatio-temporal reality does not lend itself to atheism, but Christian theism - Trinitarianism, in fact. The whole procession of ridicule in the video is an example of the blindness of the lost to see their own internally destructive presuppositions.

    Language used by the Christian to speak of God existing and thinking, etc are valid expressions for they retain their meaning, whereas language used by atheists to describe a "time" before time when certain "events" "took place" that caused what now exists to "come into existence" is closer to mythology.

    Christ is the Logos of God.

    No Christ - No logic.


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