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Exciting news

Recently I got a job as an evangelist working with Revival in Eastbourne and beyond.  I won't jump into the role with both feet until my curacy at All Souls, Eastbourne ends (Easter 2011).  But the idea is to stay a member at All Souls and work with churches in the town and further afield (invitations happily received!).

The organisation has a proud history with Eric Hutchings founding the work 60 years ago.  They haven't had a dedicated evangelist on board for some time so it will be an opportunity to develop a ministry with the backing of a staff team and many committed supporters.  The Lord is good.

Initially I will focus on working with interested Eastbourne churches, enthusing and equipping the leadership and laity.  I'd love to establish a little school of evangelism and start building a team.  There's a lot of scope for town centre open-air work and park-bench evangelism (Eastbourne is the retirement capital of the UK).  It'd be great to produce resources for the wider church through books and videos and other web avenues.  And I'd be pushing on doors to see whether larger-scale interdenominational evangelism might be possible here or abroad.

All good fun.  Praise Jesus!


0 thoughts on “Exciting news

  1. Nick

    The Lord is indeed good! You have an opportunity to spend more of your working week doing what you love most, and The Church in Eastbourne benefits from a servant with a love for God, a passion for people, and an integrity in teaching.

  2. Bird Brain

    Soooooooooooooooooooooo pleased you and Em are staying with us- you both are MASSIVE blessings to All Souls :D

    God is good indeed!

  3. John B

    Rejoicing with you all at Revival and All Souls in this wonderful news! And rejoicing at God's work in you and through His church!

    "Let the LORD be magnified, Who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant." (Psalm 35:27)

  4. Glen

    Thanks all for the encouragements. Feel free to invite me to anything. I may have to say no, but the spirit is very willing.

  5. Dave K

    Congratulations Glen. Sounds like a great move which will be a real blessing to many under God's hand.

  6. Bobby Grow

    That's cool, Glen,

    This is the kind of position I'll be seeking once through this current season of life; it's def. my background in ministry as well! I'm really excited for you . . .

  7. Glen

    Hey Bobby, you should come over - the dark continent of Europe needs you. We'll be looking to recruit in the not too distant future - I coud headhunt you! And Ron Frost is here 6 months of the year too. Think about it!

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