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6 thoughts on “Roger Carswell is a Yorkshire Jack Lipnick

  1. Tom Loh

    Nice one - but check out Joe Pesci, as Leo Getz in the Lethal Weapon series. Tell me it ain't Carswell. Would give you a link, but the language can be somewhat colourful.

  2. Otepoti

    I dunno, Glen, I think this "double life of preachers" meme I started might have gone too far.

    I know all you guys are busy enough for two, but really, you expect me swallow this?

    On the other hand, Barton Fink, writer, bears some resemblance to one Glen Scrivener, whose surname happens to be synonymous with - writer.

    Coincidence? I think not....

  3. Si

    I love #69 on - Sign-language girls (no, not like that!) - it's always baffled me why they do the songs (with the words in big letters up front) and not the sermon and stuff in between, especially when it's clear that I'm the only person looking at her, because no one is deaf.

    Still, at least it has a use, unlike flag dancing!

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