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Trinity and Homosexuality – Doug Wilson

God created us male and female, in the image of God He created us (Gen. 1:27). Those theologians who say they are all about the Trinity, who at the same time say the homosexual heresy is no big deal, are missing one of the central places where God has decided to reveal His nature and character. Nicea was important, but the great confession was long before Nicea. The foundational creed about the Trinity is a sexual one, and it was first confessed when Adam first knew his wife. The foundational confession about the Incarnation is also a sexual one (1 Cor. 11:3; Eph. 5:23).

Doug Wilson.


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  1. Heather

    Christianity and homosexuality have always been incompatible. Same can be said of "feminism" and divorce in the Church. It does seem that those who don't grasp that haven't yet seen the "big picture" concerning Christ and His bride. I'll readily admit that while recognizing the wrongness, it took me years to be able to see how the destruction of the God-provided picture occurs when we downplay the seriousness of the neutering/perverting of male and female roles.

    I've known several Christians to say that they don't feel it is right to speak out against homosexual "union" because of the high divorce rate within the church. It does appear to be quite hypocritical to uphold the Biblical definition of marriage in one hand while tearing it apart with the other. I've had a conversation with a couple of atheistic pro-homosexual individuals who have also used this line. Jesus did say to get the log out of one's own eye before trying to correct another's sin. I'm not divorced or feminist, so I personally don't feel obligated to keep quiet.

    How would you answer the protest?

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