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Want a taste of the promised land?

I love how the word "BIBLICAL" is used here.  "BIBLICAL" means NOT JUNK.  (In spite of how Scripture loves "fat portions").

Of course it all depends on which Scriptures you choose.

What about sour grapes, bitter herbs and ashes?  Now with 30% more locusts!  That's also biblical...  Or, what about... No, there are too many ingredients I can't mention on a family blog like this.


0 thoughts on “Want a taste of the promised land?

  1. Heather


    This reminds me of the Ezekiel 4:9 bread that is sold as a health food over here. It does have a high nutritional score, but I doubt the manufacturers actually follow the original recipe and cook it over a dung fire.

    We are so silly sometimes, searching the Scriptures in order to find out the best way to eat according the "The Eden diet" or the Law. Need to get healthy in a hurry? Try the Daniel fast for a week.

    I spent years (I mean years) running from one dietary prison to another while ignoring the true daily Bread that was being offered over and over.

    Natural foods are nice. But nothing compares to the soul-feasting that happens when one unlocks the door and lets Jesus in to dine.

  2. pgjackson

    This is hilarious. I can hardly believe it's real and not a spoof.

    I now so want to see the advertising for ' new from nestle - the prophet's snack bar series.' Anyone with the talent and time out there?

    Wilson is doing a series on creation and food, which takes a different line to the one in that advert, unsurprisingly. I think he might just be partial to the odd extra portion of mashed potatoes. :-)

  3. theoldadam

    It should be a big seller amongst the non-denom crowd here in So. California.

    They are suckers for the latest and greatest, fadish Christian stuff.

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