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Who sounds sillier – Stephen Baldwin or Richard Dawkins?

Stephen Baldwin has been ridiculed for his comments on Celebrity Big Brother regarding evolution.  He said:

If we're descended from apes, how come there are still apes?

Ok, a misunderstanding of the theory.  But is the theory more or less silly than the misunderstanding?

Here's Richard Dawkins answering the very objection Baldwin makes.  See if you can watch it with a straight face:


What we have here is a Professor of Zoology faced with a line up of four apes and an accountant from Swindon.  And he refuses to identify the odd one out.  The whole story he invests his life in says that none are superior to any other - all are equally well adapted to their environment.  It's just 4 monkeys and Pam sitting in a tree -  M-U  T-A-T  I-N-G.

To say that Dawkins has put Baldwin right is like saying:

Ohhh.  Sorry for thinking your theory was nuts.  I thought you believed in alchemy.  Now I realize you have a magical goose to lay your golden egg.



0 thoughts on “Who sounds sillier – Stephen Baldwin or Richard Dawkins?

  1. Heather

    He could always go a few billion years farther back and relate us all to "cosmic soup". Would that convince you of the relationship, maybe?

    It is sad to see someone who is so sincere be so wrong. And there really is no way to intellectually convince him otherwise.

  2. christisinn

    Haha, lol. That reminds me of these IQ tests where you have 5 things in a group and you have to tell which is the odd one that doesn't fit the category.
    Oh, how deceitful is the god of this world...!?!

  3. Si

    I take it everyone agrees that the Orang-utan is the one that superior to the others? After all they are orange and they don't have short stubby arms like the other 4!

  4. James

    What part of the video are you picking where he is asked to identify the odd one out?

    I'm not sure you can intellectually assume nearly as much as you have, have you renounced any attempt at intellectual debate and resorted to belligerent ridicule? I think so, but if you (or anyone) can justify ANYTHING that has been written here please reply.

  5. Glen

    Hi James,
    Not sure what you're objecting to? My problem is with a professor of zoology looking at four primates and a human being and seeing only "cousins"

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