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Getting to the heart of things

Heart warming sermon by Rich Owen on the Lord's Supper. The middle 20 minutes are pure gold!

Dave K nails it on reason.

Our old heart... invents, borrows and distorts logic... to fit our desires. You cannot reshape that distorted reason with more reason. It requires a changing of the heart from which our reason flows.

Ron Frost writes some very juicy stuff on affective theology.

The will and the mind are only instruments of the heart, never its directors, so that once a love for God is present in us our thinking is reoriented and our choices are redirected.  It is in this affective primacy that spirituality takes a very different pathway to other spiritualities.

And if you like Ron Frost (which you do), you're gonna love this:

Ron Frost and Peter Mead have launched Cor Deo in the UK.  They want to mentor and train Christian men in ministry (preaching, discipleship, leadership) who are 'gripped by God' and who want to 'share His heart'.  Mike Reeves is a trustee and advisor.  I think the whole thing looks an absolute winner.  Go to the website to learn more.


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  1. Dev

    Numbers 9:9-10 The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, "Speak to the people of Israel, saying, If any one of you or of your descendants is unclean through touching a dead body, or is on a long journey, he shall still keep the Passover to the LORD.

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