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"Just thinking about it makes me smile…"

I've just listened to a seminar on hospitality.

  • Some verses on why we should
  • Some more verses as examples from the bible.
  • Then testimony after testimony from couples who grew up in hospitable homes, who rejoice to welcome people into their families and can't help smiling even at the thought of hospitality.

And in the midst of my admiration, bemusement and self-condemnation, the penny dropped. Ohhh, I thought, so this is how most people feel sitting through those evangelism courses I lap up!

0 thoughts on “"Just thinking about it makes me smile…"

  1. Glen

    Oh Hi Ed, I'm not at my computer right now, so tricky to get you the link. I'll try to remember to email you the link or post it when I'm back from holidays. I did enjoy the seminar on many levels but also recognized that the example/exhortation approach - found in many Christian seminars - needs rethinking.

  2. Heather

    It is interesting to me to note how Christ's body is meant to be made of many different, uniquely functioning parts. Each has a specific job but all are to be directed and unified by the "Head".

    I think we are all supposed to display, to a certain degree, the whole of Christ-likeness.

    But not all are equally strong in the realm of hospitality or evangelistic pursuits or exhortation or patient instruction or service to other body members....

    I often forget that "my" spiritual burden is not going to look exactly like that of another brother or sister in Christ--even though I personally experience a tremendous amount of joy when I'm being obedient in that specific thing to which I've been called.

    We should be willing to humbly learn from each other, be encouraged to spend more time building up the areas that are exposed as being weak, and offer support to others who are struggling with their own failures.

    It's that "community" thing on which you tend to center around here.

  3. cath

    Has anyone read Walter Marshall, The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification? (re how to successfully motivate Christian-like behaviour)

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