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All age Christmas sermon

For some reason my preaching rises by an octave in all-age services.  Here's my Christmas morning falsetto sermon on Galatians 4:4-7.

Christmas turns slaves to sons because He shared in our life so that we can share in His.


0 thoughts on “All age Christmas sermon

  1. Heather

    Appreciated the sermon. Must have been something I needed to here as it was right in line with what the Lord has been teaching me lately.

    Didn't think twice about the "falsetto" and probably wouldn't have noticed if it hadn't been mentioned before I listened.

    What I did notice was the interaction with the listeners. Craig and I were recently discussing how this is a mark of good Scripture teacher (as opposed to simply being a lecturer). Kids especially benefit from being drawn in to the message.

    Good job! :)

    Am I commenting too frequently?

  2. Heather

    Would you believe that I'm quite introverted in "real life"?

    Unless, of course, I get comfy enough to open my mouth and join in a conversation.
    Then I tend to take over.
    It's a bad habit that the Lord has brought to my attention, so I am a little nervous when I'm interacting with people who might be too polite to say "Dontcha think it's about time to zip that mouth and take a breath?"

    Craig's pretty tolerant (actually, a gem) when it comes to my talkativeness. But he understands that it's how I sort through things that are on my mind. We seem to leapfrog each other when it comes to spiritual growth and lately, I've been "dragging" him along as I've been trying to sift through some thoughts. He's been good about it but I think it makes his brain hurt and I haven't yet found anyone around here who's on the same "page" as me.

    You and Bobby Grow have offered some stuff on your sites that have given me focus for some things I was struggling with so I read--and notice when a new post goes up.

    I tend to appreciate feedback on what I write, so figure other people do to. But the thought recently hit that perhaps there are some bloggers who would prefer I just read quietly.

    I was tremendously embarrassed about that really long comment I made here a while back, and would never have submitted it if I'd realized. If you ever start to feel "stalked", please say so as I really don't mean to be annoying.

  3. Glen

    Ah, there, see, mispelling a comment - that's more my kinda fear. I fear being shown up as a fraud. One day some professor of New Testament or something is going to come on my blog and totally expose me as a phoney in front of all three of my readers. Yikes.

    I'm tempted to say: Don't give another thought to why you were 'tremendously embarrassed.' It was certainly nothing to be embarrassed about. But maybe the embarrassment is a trail that can be traced somewhere...

    As a very generalised observation - I think women fear being 'too much' too much. And men fear being exposed as inadequate and phoney (which of course makes us double the layers of faked competence). We're equally messed up. In different ways.

    But I shall resist the urge to indulge my counselling curiosity at this point and go to bed... :)

    God bless Heather - very glad we've crossed paths (and Craig too!)

  4. Otepoti

    Glen, we're all professors of the New Testament here. I trust.

    And there are only three readers whose opinions you need worry about.

    Heather, don't fret. Everyone gets commenter's remorse. Even those of us who comment pseudonymously and have mosaic tiles for our dials.

  5. Gav least you can add an intelligent comment....I just tend to wait for the simple post and try to crack a funny.

    See.....we are all messed up....although, some more than others!

    Although, I thank God for Glen and Bobby's commitment to blogging. My growth would look alot different otherwise.

    Hat Tip to Glen and Bobby for being friends of paranoid commenters!

  6. Heather

    Well, thanks guys! It's good to know we can all be pathetic together. I'm ever thankful that the Great Physician is in the business of running a hospital rather than a museum.

    I tend to agree with you, Glen on your generalization. I suspect it comes from that ugly little root of self-importance that's made it's home in all of our hearts.

    My husband was laughing about my getting an online counseling session.

    Your welcome to continue to try to straighten me out, but I warn you that I already know I'm contagiously neurotic. After nearly 18 years of observation, I expect Craig will be able to attest to that fact.

    Gav said: "Hat Tip to Glen and Bobby for being friends of paranoid commenters!"

    Amen to that :)

  7. Pedro

    Otepoti I love those two comments!
    And Gav I'm in the same boat as you, mate! (but I then keep an eye in case anyone comes up with a cleverer comment after mine, or acknowledges the cleverness of the one I made!)
    Heather I agree - feedback is always useful. You're? (Sorry)
    There you go, I've just given masses away about myself, not least that I am quite happy to point out messpellings etc - self-promotion I guess:-(
    Glen, did Sunday morning's sermon (He must beome greater, I must become less) record in the end? Otherwise a transcript perhaps? Found it helpful at the time but can't recall as much as I'd like...
    Belated Happy Christmas (Word-becoming-Flesh Day) and Happy New Decade (almost!)

  8. Heather

    "Heather I agree – feedback is always useful. You’re? (Sorry)"

    Welcome feedback is useful. My method sometimes resembles force-feeding.

    I'd be happy to answer your question but am not sure what you are asking. Not only am I paranoid, but I'm also slow on the uptake.

    Never have been very good at team sports in that if I'm passed the ball and not pointed directly at the goal, I'm likely to run wildly around in the middle of the playing field. Kind of like the way I tend to offer my commentary....

  9. Heather

    OH wait! I do get it! :D

    Guess I'm getting lazy with the checking of my spelling.

    Okay Glen. Pedro has outed himself as the plant who will sell you out to the NT professors in the end.

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