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Happy Friday

DISCLAIMER:  I take no responsibility for your wasting time on these frivilous videos.  You're all responsible adults and how you spend the next 9 1/2 minutes is entirely between you and Jesus.

All I will say is that if you don't click on these you will miss Brian Butterfield, the funniest sketch character since Alan Partridge. (And if you're unfamiliar with Alan Partridge - there's another black hole of frivolity awaiting you on Youtube.)  But it's your call...


0 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Pedro

    How was that funny?
    Except for the double u, double-double u which raised a slight smile.
    A worthwhile doctrinal point was mentioned when he referred to Sunday - "Day of Rest" - perhaps the rest of the clips are more amusing?
    Came across the clever comment: "Tiger Woods crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree. He couldn’t decide between a wood and an iron." the other day, but on reflection (and not knowing - or wanting to know - the ins and outs of the episode ) this kind of situation probably isn't one to make into a joke.

    Am I losing my sense of humour?

  2. pgjackson

    I'm sorry but I find

    'pork cylinders'
    'mystery meat'
    'hoisin crispy owl'
    'sandwich casserole'

    all very very funny, in an infantile sort of way.

    Must be a personality-type thing.

  3. Heather

    I laughed about "Treat Day".

    But it was in an ironic "I'm so embarrassed" sort of way because I can so easily relate to the foolishly legalistic approach to eating that I've taken in the (not too distant) past.

  4. Glen

    Pedro - see your doctor immediately. If that's not hilarious, I'm a fluffy rough. (btw Charlie loves it - he put me onto Butterfield in the first place).

  5. Otepoti

    That was like being strapped to a chair and being made to watch episodes of "Open All Hours." Back-to-back.

    The trouble is, proprietor-produced ads are beyond parody to start with.

    Can't win 'em all, Glen. Thanks for the many other Friday laughs.

  6. theologymnast

    I liked it. Can people who didn't find it funny please post their evaluations of Alan Partridge, Fawlty Towers and Naked Gun? Just for psychological evaluation, you see...

  7. Pedro

    Fawlty Towers? That series scaled the dizzy heights of comedy and towers above the rest - I reckon. As for AP an, I'm yet to encounter them but will give them a try at some point when next in need of a laugh and see how I get on.
    In terms of psychological profiling could my INFP (Myers Briggs - if you've not come across it don't worry) type perhaps mean I'm less likely to be appreciative of the Butterfield offerings?

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  10. Si Hollett

    Digging up an ancient conversation, but I'm an INFP too and spent half an hour last night watching youtube videos of people trying to follow the Butterfield diet, just because Butterfield is so funny (they cooked the raw potato for lunch as raw potato sucks) - they failed on day 3 and I learned that ice cubes aren't very nice to eat - even with artificial sweetener. It's not personality.

    I also bought the Peter S Show DVD based purely on Butterfield (the other stuff varies in quality - some reaches these peaks, some is just rather dull excellently done impressions). It was very difficult as I bought it off of Brian himself, and his stock was being repossessed when I finally worked out how to call the number. I then had to convert from Betamax to DVD, because I wasn't going to buy his home entertainment system.

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