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Not just sheltered – BROUGHT OUT

Not just Passover, but Red Sea crossing.

Not just saved by the blood, but delivered over to new life.

Not just baptised into His death, but sharing in His resurrection

That's the gist of this sermon on Exodus 13 and 14 - preached last night.

We looked at Passover last week.  We rejoiced in the fact that we are saved by our Passover Lamb, Christ, apart from works.  But commonly these are the kinds of responses people make to that message:

Great! He's handed me a blank cheque to sin

Well, maybe, but He doesn't love me now or He'd save me from these troubles

Fine, but I'm still stuck in sin.  His salvation doesn't seem to help me today.

But as we look at Exodus 13-14 we see that each of these responses is faulty.  Rather, we are SAVED... FROM THE OLD LIFE... THROUGH HARDSHIPS... WITH DIVINE POWER.

Sermons so far:

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