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Happy Friday

Codepoke is worried about our ever-expanding information/entertainment culture and its effects on face to face relations.  Here is yet more evidence of this worrying trend.

0 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Tim Cairns

    very good!! I remember seeing an Australian act called "scared little weird guys" do a similar thing at the Edinburgh festival - I have never heard of them since but they were great!

  2. Paul Huxley

    Adele - Paul's wife here.

    Thanks for posting this... it seems to have hit a spot with Paul which has meant no argument over him playing computer games tonight!!! :)

    This song is way too close to our lives!!! Gave me a laugh at least.

  3. Glen

    Tim - Australia churns out these comedy trios. It began with the Doug Anthony All Stars. Tripod and Scared Little Weird Guys are two more (among many others). Of a similar ilk - there's always the, now disbanded, Canadian trio 'Corky and the Juice Pigs'. You might like 'I'm the only gay eskimo in my tribe', I'm sure Youtube has it.

    Adele and Paul - now you're not the first couple to see me in my blog comments. I want you to know that problems like these are very common. Why, Emma, my wife, routinely introduces herself as 'Glen's Blog Widow'

    It's seems to me, Adele, like you've done the sensible thing and joined your man on the computer. That's the spirit. Adjust your expectations. Lower the bar. A twitter for the weekend perhaps? Or some mindless internet compatibility quiz? Then, in 40 years, you can invite us all to celebrate your routine, loveless but stable marriage. On facebook of course.

  4. codepoke

    Ex-box is (still) your source of bliss after you've gotten yourself an ex-wife by spending every evening on your X-Box game console.

    Little did I know my deepest fears added up to little more than a hilarious tempest in a Tripod act. :-D

    Act now, Glen, to save us all (from silly media).

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