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Preaching a felt Christ

In a sermon I've just listened to, Martin Lloyd Jones said this:

No man should preach unless he preaches a felt Christ

I take it he means that preachers must really know Jesus and preach to the end that their hearers know Jesus and hunger after Him - indeed taste and see Him.  I can't think of a more crucial need in preaching.

Unless of course I've got the wrong end of the stick and he means this:

Flannelgraph Jesus

This kind of felt Christ is also important.  And would also improve countless pulpits the world over.

Which did the Doctor really intend?  I guess we'll never know. 



0 thoughts on “Preaching a felt Christ

  1. theoldadam

    I like the Christ that "felt" for me. So much so that He was willing to die for me.

    The way I feel for Him comes and goes, is strong and weak.

    But His feelings for me are always strong, always true.

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