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Come as you are

From Spurgeon's book: All of Grace

Do not attempt to touch yourself up and make yourself something other than you really are, but come as you are to Him who justifies the ungodly. …The Gospel will receive you into its halls if you come as a sinner, not otherwise. Wait not for reformation, but come at once for salvation. God justifieth the ungodly, and that takes you up where you now are; it meets you in your worst estate. Come in your disorder. I mean, come to your heavenly Father in all your sin and sinfulness. Come to Jesus just as you are: filthy, naked, neither fit to live nor fit to die. Come, you that are the very sweepings of creation; come, though you hardly dare to hope for anything but death. Come, though despair is brooding over you, pressing upon your bosom like a horrible nightmare. Come and ask the Lord to justify another ungodly one.


And here's a paper I wrote on how to preach evangelistically to sinners without demanding repentance first.


0 thoughts on “Come as you are

  1. Will

    Actually this is from his evangelistic book "All of Grace". I really loved this quote when I first came across it in your essay, and was a little alarmed when I later couldn't find Romans 4:5 in a Spurgeon sermon index. I thought maybe it was a Spurgeon hoax! But then I found it in the book so that was a relief.

  2. Glen

    Hey Will, How's study?
    Thanks for the correction (again!).
    It was so good to talk with you when you were over about offering Christ freely. That's the stuff!

    Blessings in Jesus!

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