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And you know in a funny way that's a bit like cheeses

My friend John (not a Christian) was joking with me over breakfast about Christians crow-barring Jesus into talks that begin elsewhere.

"I'd like to hear a Christian speak about God and Jesus for 15 minutes and then say 'But you know in a funny sort of way that's a bit like cheeses... or monkeys... or communism, or whatever.'"

He was joking, but I had to agree. 

First Jesus says 'The kingdom is at hand, repent and believe.'  (Matt 4:17)  Then He invites people to examine sex, money, power, religion and relationships through the lens of this kingdom (Matt 5-7).

I reckon that's what we should aim for.  'God and Jesus' first.  Then life makes sense.  John was right.

See - I do believe in 'speaking better than they knew'?


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