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Soldiers or Sons?

Theologically speaking, what's the more dominant image for the Christian - soldier or son?

Are we soliders of Christ who also happen to be children of God?

Or are we children of God who also happen to be soldiers of Christ? 

Here are some clues:  What is God's fundamental identity if not 'Father of our Lord Jesus Christ'?  What is Jesus' fundamental identity if not Son of the Father?  How does Jesus teach us to pray - 'Our Commanding Officer in Heaven'? 

Remember: Soldiers don't become sons on account of their soldiering.  But sons do become soldiers on account of their sonship. 

So, what are you fundamentally - a soldier or a son?

Child soldier in the Congo 
Child soldier in the Congo

And do you know it?

Does this photo represent your spiritual life?

Are you tired and anxious like this kid?

What exactly are you playing at?

What is the more dominant model of the Christian life pushed in your church / small groups / preaching / Christian circles?

Practically speaking, how do you front up to God in prayer?

Soldier or son?

How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!  (1 John 3:1)


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  2. Bobby Grow

    I would say, "we are" Sons; and as a result, one of the distinctives is that we must act as a soldier --- I think this latter point is a reality because of the "now and not yet" notion of the kingdom (i.e. we live in a "Fallen world" that has been redeemed, so our identity "from above" [eschatological] informs how we live in this current situation [cruciform in shape --- our battle stance]).

    Both/and, not either/or --- albeit being a soldier is first presupposed by our identity (ontology) as "Sons."

  3. Otepoti

    I've always been frightened of the battle metaphors. I count myself as, through Christ, a daughter of Sarah trying not to be afraid with any fear.

  4. Glen

    Bobby, yes both/and - sons therefore soldiers (but not the other way around).

    Otepoti, Bobby's doing a good series on what the battle looks like from Eph 6. It seems to me from that chapter that the battle is fought by clothing ourselves with gospel truth and praying lots.

    Good reference to Sarah.

  5. john

    How can you use this picture. and write, "Does this photo represent your spiritual life?" This picture has nothing to do with your spiritual... anything. Please choose your images more carefully.

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