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Dang it, maybe I am chickified

After carefully selecting my perfect summer pick of Starbucks beverage, I was mortified to hear the Barista call out my order in full hearing of the cafe:


Hazelnut Frappuccino with extra whipped cream.

I almost didn't claim it.


0 thoughts on “Dang it, maybe I am chickified

  1. Tim V-B

    You are chickified. A real man would have gone outside, wrung a chicken's neck, then drank its blood before finishing off with a beer and a new tattoo.

  2. Paul Huxley

    Since Tim did a better job of what I was going to say, I'll have to go with comment B:

    Is this a trait among all Australian bowlers? It would explain their performance in the first three tests.

  3. Dan Hames

    Your problem, Glen, is that you like to worship a Jesus you could beat up. He's the kind of Jesus who would have a fight with a dude all night, and struggle with it so much that he'd have to do some kind of magic to put the other guy's hip out or something.

    Like, man up.

  4. Glen

    Chicken? You big blouse! Try cage fighting coked up bears with knuckle dusters. That's a man.

    I think Mitchell Johnston drinks Low Fat Soy Latte's. Bring back Bing.

    Jacob was not a dude. Jacob was a hairless mommies boy who never drank anything without a marshmallow floating in it.

  5. Bobby Grow

    I order hot chocolates and frappuchinos at SB, what does that make me? ;-)

    Well, you're in the right denomination, they allow female pastors . . . ouch ;-) hehe.

  6. Glen

    Hot chocolates? Hot chocolates?? Even those limp-wristed, shoe-shopping, hemp-wearing, Jesus-is-my-boyfriend, emergent pacifists beat up on Cocoa drinkers. Bobby! C'mon now.

    And I put it to you, what could be scarier than an all male club suddenly opened up to women? Takes a real man to be an Anglican!

  7. Will

    Sorry Glen I don't quite understand this one either!

    Do you mean she got the order wrong, or was it that you weren't expecting her to call it out in in everyone's hearing?

  8. Bobby Grow

    I can't stand coffee, unless it's in carmel frappuccino form ;-).

    Well you guys are the one who wear dresses when you preach . . . Driscoll ain't got nothin' on you all :-). Talk about being secure in your masculinity!

  9. Glen

    Because Reformed church planters with barrell chests will come and thrust copies of 'Wild at Heart' down my meekly whimpering throat until I man up. And... well... I'm scared

  10. Glen

    Missy, your superior logic is messing with my gender stereotypes. The boys are telling me to stop engaging with your feminist propaganda. Sorry, just following orders.

    Maybe instead of spreading gender confusion you could rustle up a potato salad, we're off to hunt Arminians.

  11. Paul Huxley

    You know what, I'm certain that I'm to blame for England's catastrophic performance over the last few days. I did something similar before the last Ashes series and we all know what happened then.

    I've been trying to fit the jigsaw pieces together and I reckon that Harmison is a skinny latte drinker but Flintoff's iron fist was previously forcing the rest of the bowling outfit to down manly beers. The reverse happened with the Aussies, with Hauritz' negative influence removed for Clark's.

    It's the ONLY explanation.

  12. Rich Owen

    If that had happened to me, I'd have picked my man-bag up and made for a wine bar. You're like, SOOOOOOOOO chickified Glen.

  13. Glen

    Hey Rich, listened to your Phil 1 sermon recently. Loved it. Especially the line 'It literally says in the greek...' :-P

  14. Rich Owen

    What a silly thing to say. Honestly


    Thanks for listening and for the kind words.

    It's like what I said to you the other day - presenting the Christian life as something we want to live rather than something we have to live. Affective theology for all.

    I don't find that easy though - spent most of my Christian life being told I have to worship the powerful king, that it takes a bit of effort to break out of that.


  15. Glen

    Ironically the other kind of Chrisitianity casts *us* as the powerful kings
    He is Bread. Eat Him. He is the Lamb. Lean on Him. He is the Lover. Be loved by Him. He is the Priest. Be carried on His heart.

    This humbles me more than any declarations of naked sovereignty.

  16. Rich Owen

    That is so true. How can I be humble if I am a successful Christian, who fights well, preaches well, leads well, writes well? It's all about me and my pride will surely devour me.

    I can be humble if I know that the life I live is by faith in the Son of God who loved me. I have no boast cause it is not I who lives but Christ in me.

    That is by the way, what I think used to be meant by doing things in Jesus strength. Sadly now when people say stuff like that, or talk about dependance on God, they mean something quite different - looking for the force of the Holy Spirit to move us to good works... *shudder*.

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