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0 thoughts on “I want this T-shirt

  1. Glen

    Hi Gav, well... one day! I hear that you and Will couldn't quite connect recently. I met Rich Owen (another commenter) last week which was great. Not that I showed another 'side'. I'm pretty straightforward really- Jesus-theology and stupid comedy. That's about it.

    Hey Bobby,
    Actually I'm not that big a fan at all. I just like it when strong caricatures are subverted. But yes, hopefully on the light side (along with Vader himself... in the end!)

  2. Gav

    Yeah. Would have been good to catch him....bugger!

    But one day I might actually go further than New Zealand and catch some of you guys. Otherwise I'll have to wait until we all die!

  3. Bobby Grow


    Yeah, me either . . . my parents wouldn't even allow me to watch Star Wars when it came out (when I was growing up ;-). I have since watched all of them (the new ones too), the monistic worldview is hardly ever commented on; at least where I've read.

    Anyway, I like subversion too!

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